Saturday, October 20, 2012


Como parece ser imposible para mi el poder actualizar el blog os dejo mi Tumblr personal, así podreis ver una parte diferente de mi y lo que me inspira todos los días. Intentaré hacer todo lo que pueda para actualizar esta noche.

As it seems to be impossible for me to update the blog i leave you my personal Tumblr here so you can see a different part of me and what inspires me everyday. I´ll try my best to update tonight.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Miss Dior Cherie tshirt.

Since I came back from London I can't spare this boots , I don't know why, there is something that makes me want to wear them all the time.
These and the Miss Dior Cherie tshirt are both from London.
Remember my days out of internet? These pictures are the result.

These aren´t new jeans, they are my oldest jeans and as I´ll  feel bad if I throw them, I keep them in my closet.
Last day I discovered a new hole so I decided to let it grow.