Thursday, July 26, 2012


I've been wanting to dedicate a post to my twin sister, Maria,while ago.
We have that amazing relationship that only twins can understand. Maybe she isn't interested in fashion as I am but she is the very first one that have supported me with the blog since day one.
She is the responsible of 90% of my pictures here and that is something to really  thank for.
I love you Morind.

PS: Am I the only one living in daddys summer tshirts?


Anonymous said...

I love you too sister ;)
PS: Heysoulsista

Anonymous said...

Hace mucho que no comento en el blog, así que aprovecho este comentario para darte de nuevo la enhorabuena porque ya van a ser casi dos años con esto y sé la ilusión que te hace :) Te sigo apoyando como el primerísimo día! Muchos besitos L!
PD1: Este post es genial, os quiero muchísimo a las dos :D
PD2: A que no sabes quién soy? ;)