Thursday, April 19, 2012

Miss Dior Cherie tshirt.

Since I came back from London I can't spare this boots , I don't know why, there is something that makes me want to wear them all the time.
These and the Miss Dior Cherie tshirt are both from London.
Remember my days out of internet? These pictures are the result.

These aren´t new jeans, they are my oldest jeans and as I´ll  feel bad if I throw them, I keep them in my closet.
Last day I discovered a new hole so I decided to let it grow.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Same jeans, not same style.

Compartir un blog no significa tener el mismo estilo cuando nos referimos a la moda. Y esto es lo que hace este blog especial, dos puntos de vista diferentes para vestir.
Esta vez os enseñamos dos looks, con los mismos jeans pero en diferentes colores.

Mientras que Silvia se los puso en un modo más rocker con las Doctor, Laura lo hizo en un estilo lady con unas bailarinas de purpurina.

Que pensais del contraste entre la moto-cerveza y la bici de ciudad-té?
Estamos deseando leer vuestros comentarios.

Sharing a blog doesn't mean that we have the same style when it comes to fashion. And I think that is what makes this blog special, two different points of view to style clothes. 
This time we show you two outfits with the same jeans but in different colours.

While Silvia styled them in a more rocker way with the Doctor Martens boots, Laura did it in lady style with the glitter dancers.
What do you think of the contrast between the motorbike-beer and the city bike-tea?
Looking forward to your comments!


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tie-dye + Doctor Martens

Últimamente llevo mucho el color negro y esta vez con mi nueva chaqueta, me la compré en Londres, igual que las Doctor Martens.

I've been wearing black clothes lately and this time with mi new tie-dye jacket, I bought it in London, the same happens with my Doctor Martens boots.