Sunday, July 22, 2012


I´m seating here, in front of the laptop, eating an apple and thinking what to post first about this crazyness that I' ve been living since the last time I posted properly.
I´ve started using Tumblr, I went down the shore with some of my closest friends, I also went on holiday to the lovely Provence in France with my family, ending up in the beach.
Here are the pics of my very first day in my road trip to France, just a summer outfit, the perfet one for a day of long walks and really hot weather.


Isn´t this one of the most relaxing places on earth?


Lady Starlight said...

eso no es el monasterio de piedra?

Lady Starlight said...

Vale, creía que habías escrito que estaba en Francia, digo.. no, no puede ser jajajaja.

Un beso!