Saturday, June 2, 2012

Matchy Outfits.

It is not a secret that my friend Nuria and I have sometimes the same thoughts when it comes about wearing something to somewhere.. And that´s what happened all these times. Surprised face both and laughs when see each other with the same style or almost the same clothes hahaha. It is not a big deal, we have different personal styles but I  think its all the time we spend together what make us think sometimes of telepathy.


Denim, Converse, black leggings, black shirt, colorful scarf. This time we had to wear black clothes, we went to laser tag in Portland. More pictures HERE.

Picnic in the park. More pics HERE

Last friday concert.

Winter looks, more HERE.


Denim for a shopping day. Mores pictures HERE.

Same colours. Pictures HERE.

Shirted. More pictures HERE.


Rosa Pel said...

i like your bags

Nuria said...

Este post es sencillamente adorable, se lo importante que es el blog para ti y que haya un post asi es algo genial :) espero que haya muchos mas PL

Closet for two said...

Chicas! Pues deseando que llegue el día 14 para hacer el último examen y irnos de vacacciones (sobre todo playa y descansar). y vosotrs teneis previsto algún viajecillo??

Un besooo