Saturday, February 18, 2012

Coral bag.

I got this new purse and t-shirt on my birthday, and because I couldnt wait to wear them I decided to styled them in the same outfit.
The bag is a present from my friends and since all my bags are brown or black I love this one and his colorful.  
The baggy tshirt is shorter in the front and longer in the back, and it's kind of transparent .
The pants, what to say... I was studying last friday and in one of those breaks I got a sudden attack of cutting them so that's what I did. Now they are something between boyfriend and capri jeans.
We have finished all the exams!!! You will see updates more often :)
Happy Saturday!



Annika said...

the shirt and the bag are both just amazing!


garde said...

monisimo el bolso y me gusta mucho tu camiseta

Beatriz said...

Los tonos corales o pasteles, se van a llevar mucho este año. Un besito

Joanna Johansson said...