Sunday, October 2, 2011

Welcome October-

¿Os acordáis de mi pelo largo? Pues ha desaparecido jaja.
Por fín he podido sacar mis botas del armario pero por primera vez me las he puesto bajitas. En la foto con el pelo largo llevo la misma camisa que he llevado hoy, pero de diferente manera.. ¿Cuál os gusta más?

Remember my long hair? It has disappeared.. haha.
Finally I could take out my boots of the closet but this time I wore them in the short way. In the picture with the long hair I was wearing the same shirt as I did today but in a diferent way.. Wich one do you prefer?
Happy start of the month!



Closet for two said...

Me encanta el color de la camisa, es un look ideal para ir a clase!! me lo apuntaré

un beso de Closet for two

garde said...

el color de la camisa es lo mas.

Britt Vissers said...

Hello Laura! No I'm sorry unfortunately it's busy with school and sometimes I can't find the time to blog or comment on other blogs..
I'm doing good and I hope you as well? It's my first month at school after 2 months of holiday so I have to get used to studying again haha. And you? Thanks for the lovely comment! I'll find the time to look at your blog more often again!
XX Britt

Anonymous said...

Estas guapa de todas las maneras!
Eres la mejor me encanta tu ropa!
Animo con el blog guapetona!

Nuria said...

Anudada ;)
El jersey es precioso!