Saturday, May 7, 2011

Red for grey days

Estamos en unos meses en los que tan pronto llueve como hace un sol esplendido.
Y lo mismo por la mañana tienes que llevar botas de agua y un jersey, como por la tarde sandalias y shorts.
Estos meses no hemos actualizado mucho y aun así, siguen subiendo los followers y cada vez nos visitan en más países. Muchas gracias!
Sois los mejores lectores que podamos desear.
Recordar que nos podeis preguntar lo que queráis en Formspring.

We are in some months when it rains as soon as it does a splendid sun.
And the same morning you have to wear rubber boots and a jersey, and evening sandals and shorts.
These months we have not updated much and still keep going up the followers and each time we visit more countries. Thank you very much!
Readers are the best we can desire.
Remember that you can ask us what we want in Formspring.



Essiefashion said...

Really lovely outfit :D
That color looks very good on you!

Annika said...

the sweater is adorable!! you look so pretty :)


Flaviana Boni said...

Nice blog dear!
im following both on google connection and also on bloglovin. Hope you do the same :)

Complice de mi apocalíptica locura. said...

He visto que eres seguidora mia, y te tengo que decir una cosa.. ME ENCANTA TU BLOG! Asi que te sigo yo tambien.. besos

MIRIAM said...

Lovely pictures...I like!!! You are a very beautiful girls!!! Complimentis for your is fantastic!!! I love red!!! Sorry for my English,but I'm Italian!!!
So..kisses from Italy..ihihihih!!!!

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